Leap into 2024 with H2O Wireless!
Post Date Feb 26, 2024

Leap into 2024 with H2O Wireless!

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With plans that suit your personality and protect your wallet, H2O Wireless helps users save and keeps you connected all year long. Why not make the leap to refreshingly different wireless today?!

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Make the leap to H2O Wireless and get our annual plan for as low as $5/month or pay as you go and get a 10% discount with auto pay. Even better, visit an H2O Wireless store and get 2 lines for $75/month with unlimited talk, text, & unlimited data!

Thanks to H2O’s 5G+ network, customers get super-fast download speeds, turbo-charged coverage, and unprecedented performance anywhere you go! Plus, there are no contracts and no hidden fees. (Can your current carrier say that?!)

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Why join H2O Wireless?

Nationwide 5G coverage. Seriously excellent coverage!

H2O Wireless has you covered. With our nationwide 5G coverage on one of the largest and most reliable GSM Networks, you can stay connected any place, anywhere. We're the perfect traveling partner and provider!

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Affordable Wireless Plans

Get unlimited talk, text and data plans for as low as $20 a month. If monthly prepaid data plans are too much of a commitment, check out our pay as you go data plans!

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eSIM allows you to switch to H2O Wireless instantly on select devices. No shipping a physical SIM card any longer, no sim tray to deal with, and you can activate your account in minutes.

International Roaming: Roam, Talk, Text and Surf Without Surprises

Enjoy worry-free roaming, unlimited talk, text and data freedom with H2O Wireless. Say goodbye to unexpected charges and Wi-Fi searches on your next journey! Our plans work in Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, and selected global destinations, just like home!

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Where are you traveling to? Enter a destination here to see your roaming options!

How to Use Roaming Just Like Home?

1. Ensure Your Destination is on the List

H2O Wireless roaming covers a wide range of destinations, offering talk, texts, and data.

2. Roam Without Surprises

Every H2O Unlimited Monthly Plan offers international roaming credits, and you can Top-Up with $5, $10, or $20. Shop plans

3. Turn on Roaming and Use Your Phone

Activate H2O International roaming by enabling data roaming on your device.

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Ready to Plan Your Adventures?

Uncover Device-Specific Travel Tips and Insights with these three exciting and informative posts!

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International Calling

Enjoy Unlimited International Talk service to 70 Countries including China, India & Mexico! Check out the list of countries here.

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Unlimited International Text

Send emojis overseas with Unlimited International Texting to the world.

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International Talk Credit

Each unlimited plan comes with $1.50 or $5.00 of monthly international talk credit depending on your plan. Add credit with the International Talk Top Up here!

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Stay Connected Anywhere, Anytime, with the Power of Mobile Hotspot!

H2O Wireless Hotspot allows you to share your high speed data via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB with personal devices like laptops, tablets, and more.

Need to keep the kids entertained during a long car ride? Let them stream everybody’s favorite cartoon on their device.

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Now, every plan with H2O Wireless gives you the freedom to use your cellular data on any Wi-Fi enabled device. Get all the details on our website here!

Recharge on the Run

It only takes a minute to get more minutes with H2O Wireless!

With three convenient options including AutoPay, Airtime PIN, and “buy a full-year and forget it,” H2O Wireless keeps you talking, texting, and surfing nonstop.

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H2O Wireless. No hassles. No contracts. Just convenience. H2O Wireless | Recharge Online

Make the Leap into the Perfect Plans from H2O Wireless!

H2O Wireless Annual Plan

12 Months for as low as $5/month with NO contracts.

 You read it right! Get 12 months of H2O Wireless with unlimited talk & text and NO contract for just $5 a month.

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Sign up and save at

Stock Up and Save Plan

Visit any H2O store and stock up and save on wireless just like you would office supplies or canned veggies. Get 2 lines for $75, 3 lines for $100, and 4 for just $125.

It’s a super way to get the whole family talking (and not about the spinach you scored last month!). For your nearest H2O store, visit

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For the best deal on prepaid plans, whether you need one line, two lines, or more, make the switch to H2O Wireless. You can bring your phone and your number or get a new iPhone or Android from our super selection. Check out H2O's great savings on wireless plans and phones today!