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Roam the World with Confidence using H2O Wireless International Roaming.

Roam the World with Confidence using H2O Wireless International Roaming.

Our plans work in Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, and selected global destinations, just like home!

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Roam, Talk, Text and Surf Without Surprises

Enjoy worry-free roaming, talk, text and data freedom with H2O Wireless. Say goodbye to unexpected charges and Wi-Fi searches on your next journey!

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Roam Worry-Free

Stay in control of your budget. No more unexpected roaming charges.

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Travel with Confidence

Calls to the USA and local calls at your travel destination.

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Data On-the-Go

Stay connected on the go with your plan’s data, no Wi-Fi needed.

Where Are You Traveling?

Enter a travel destination to see your roaming options

Roaming Options

Rate per use


$0.10 per MB


$0.10 per Minute


$0.10 per Text

H2O Unlimited Monthly plans come with up to $20 of international roaming credit, giving you the flexibility to stay connected effortlessly while in . Plus, you have the option to add more credit before your travel, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity on your journey

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How to Use Roaming

Just Like Home?

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    Ensure Your Destination is on the List

    H2O Wireless roaming covers a wide range of destinations, offering talk, texts, and data.

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    Roam Without Surprises

    Every H2O Unlimited Monthly Plan offers international roaming credits, and you can Top-Up with $5, $10, or $20.

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    Turn on Roaming and Use Your Phone

    Activate H2O International roaming by enabling data roaming on your device.

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International Roaming allows your H2O mobile service to place calls, send text & picture messages and use data while traveling outside of the United States. H2O Unlimited plans include a free International Roaming credit, H2O 12-Month plans require the purchase of an International Roaming top up. To find the rates for the international destination of your choice, please visit our international rates finder.
To call a local number in the country you are visiting, dial 011 followed by the country code, the city code, and the number (for example: if you are visiting Germany dial 011 49 69 555555). To call the United States, Puerto Rico or US Virgin Islands, dial 1, the area code and the number. (Example: 1-555-123-4567).
Unfortunately, you can only use the feature within the country you are traveling. For example, if you are traveling to France you would not be able call Germany.
$20 plan includes $5.00 international roaming credit
$30 plan includes $10.00 international roaming credit
$40 plan includes $10.00 international roaming credit
$50 plan includes $10.00 international roaming credit
$60 plan includes $20.00 international roaming credit
Any remaining International Roaming credit at the end of your monthly billing cycle does not carry over to the next billing cycle. Credit is reset upon the next airtime payment.
International Roaming top-up is a one-time purchase which adds international roaming balance to your H2O Unlimited or 12-Month plan. We offer $5, $10 and $20 top-up options. Top-up balance does not carry over to the next billing cycle.
Be sure to check the available countries and roaming rates to your travel destination before you go. All of our H2O unlimited plans include an International Talk credit; if you feel additional airtime may be required, a top-up purchase can be made. If you have a H2O 12-Month plan International Roaming balance is not included; you can purchase an International Roaming top-up to use the feature.
No, your International Roaming feature is ready to use anytime you are in one of our roaming countries with a sufficient roaming airtime balance.
Make sure roaming is enabled on your device. A power cycle may be required for certain devices to enable roaming.
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