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Why h2o Triple SIM?

eSIMs is an embedded SIM built into your device that allows you to activate a H2O Wireless plan without having to use a physical SIM card.

  • Automatic and effortless configuration
  • Compatible with phones that use standard micro and nano SIM cards
  • Use the total management tool to check phones make and model, and re-trigger automatic configuration, if needed.


✔ h2o® Wireless Smart SIM Card comes preloaded with selected plan

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Consider choosing eSIM to activate today

Activate your H2O service quickly after checkout by choosing eSIM. Like a physical SIM card, but without the 3-5 day wait for a physical card to arrive, eSIM enables you to use your new service much faster. Of course, a traditional SIM card is available for your convenience. Choose the option you prefer below.

Is my phone eSIM compatible?

eSIM compatible phone models include:

  • iPhone XS series
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone 11 series
  • iPhone SE 2nd gen
  • iPhone 12 series

NOTE – must have iOS 12.1 or later


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