Celebrate World Oceans Day!
Post Date Jun 7, 2024

Celebrate World Oceans Day!

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The ocean plays a crucial role in our lives and the health of our environment. In recognition of this fact, 'World Oceans Day' was first proposed in 1992 at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro as a way to celebrate our world's shared ocean and our personal connection to the sea, as well as to raise awareness about the crucial role the ocean plays in our lives and the important ways people can help protect it.

Several years later, in December 2008, the United Nations General Assembly designated June 8 as World Oceans Day. Because H2O is its own kind of refreshingly different ocean, we celebrate World Oceans Day and invite you to join us!

Why World Oceans Day?

World Oceans Day reminds everyone of the major role the oceans have in everyday life. They are the lungs of our planet and a major source of food and medicine and a critical part of the biosphere. The purpose of the Day is to inform the public of the impact of human actions on the ocean and motivate widespread momentum among citizens for the ocean and unite the world's population on a project for the sustainable management of the world's oceans.

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Did you know...?

The ocean produces at least 50% of the planet's oxygen. It's also key to our economy with an estimated 40 million people being employed by ocean-based industries by 2030. Plus, oceans absorb about 30% of carbon dioxide produced by humans, buffering the impacts of global warming.

What can you do to celebrate World Ocean Day?

For one day a year, we can all come together to celebrate the ocean and do small acts to keep it clean and healthy. World Oceans Day provides an opportunity for individuals, communities, and organizations to come together and emphasize the importance of ocean conservation and sustainable practices. It serves as a platform to highlight the various threats facing the oceans, such as pollution, overfishing, habitat destruction, and climate change while promoting solutions and encouraging collective action to address these challenges. On World Oceans Day you can:

1. Join a World Oceans Day activity

If you would like to join an event that people in your community will attend, look up what World Oceans Day events are happening around you. These activities vary from talks, happy hours, film screenings, beach cleanups and more.

2. Watch a nature film

Another option for World Ocean Day is to watch a nature film about the ocean or Earth or about the importance of ocean conservation.

3. Organize a beach cleanup

Gather a group of friends, family, or colleagues and head to a local beach to clean up trash and debris. You can make it a fun event with music and refreshments while also making a positive impact on the environment.

4. Post on social media

Spread awareness online by sharing informative posts, articles, and videos about the importance of the oceans and what individuals can do to help. Use hashtags like #WorldOceanDay to join the global conversation.

5. Reduce plastic use

Pledge to reduce your plastic consumption by using reusable bags, bottles, and containers. Encourage others to do the same and educate them about the harmful effects of single-use plastics on marine life.

6. Support marine conservation organizations

Donate to or volunteer with organizations dedicated to ocean conservation. There are many nonprofits working to protect marine ecosystems, conduct research, and advocate for policy changes.

7. Explore marine life

Visit an aquarium or go snorkeling or scuba diving to experience the beauty of marine life up close. Take photos and videos to share with others and inspire them to appreciate and protect the oceans.

8. Get artsy

Express your love for the oceans through art, music, poetry, or photography. Host an art contest or exhibition focusing on marine themes and invite people of all ages to participate.

9. Support sustainable seafood

Choose sustainably sourced seafood options and encourage others to do the same. Sustainable fishing practices help protect marine ecosystems and ensure the long-term health of ocean populations.

10. Take action

Advocate for policies that protect the oceans by writing to your elected representatives, signing petitions, and supporting initiatives aimed at reducing pollution, overfishing, and habitat destruction.

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About World Oceans Day 2024

This year's United Nations World Oceans Day (UN WOD) celebrates the theme Awaken New Depths. In celebration of the 2024 event, the United Nations are joining forces with decision makers, scientists, private sector executives, civil society representatives, indigenous communities, celebrities and youth activists to underscore how earth is more than it may seem and finally put the ocean first.

Visit the official UN World Oceans Day website to learn more about this international day, find out about news and celebrations, or read the latest news and reports on the oceans.

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We count on the ocean. Can the ocean count on us?

The ocean is in need of support. With 90% of big fish populations depleted, and 50% of coral reefs destroyed, we are taking more from the ocean than can be replenished. We need to work together to create a new balance with the ocean that no longer depletes its bounty but instead restores its vibrancy and brings it new life.

Get your family & friends in on the World Ocean Day act

On June 8, call your family and friends to wish them a happy World Ocean Day -- or, as we refer to it, H2O day! No matter where they live, with our international calling you can reach out and encourage everyone in 70 destinations around the world (including China, Mexico, and India!) to do something nice for our oceans -- even if it's just talking about how important and beautiful they are.

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