Trade In, Trade Up, with H2O!
Post Date Jan 16, 2024

Trade In, Trade Up, with H2O!

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New Year, new phone, right? Check out H2O’s selection of iPhones and Androids and trade your old phone in toward the purchase of a new one. H2O makes it easy!

Did you know?

Trading in your cell phone is a great way to save money on the purchase of a new one. If you’ve had your current phone for two years or so, it’s even likely you’ll get twenty-five percent of its value. That's a pretty decent amount to put toward a new one.

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So, how do you trade in your old phone with H2O Wireless? We're going to tell you right here. And, if's fast and easy!

The basics

During the purchase of a new cell phone, you can choose to trade in your current cell phone. Even new customers! Once you create and confirm your trade, H2O you a shipping kit containing all the necessary materials for the safe transit of your old cell phone to Phobio, our trusted trade-in partner.

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Once Phobio receives your cell phone and inspects it, we credit the payment method used when purchasing your new device.

What's the timing?

The entire trade-in process usually takes about 3-4 weeks.

I guess I have to be a new H2O customer to trade-in my cell phone, right?

No. Current and new customers purchasing a new phone from H2O can trade in their current device for credit towards the payment method used during the purchase of a new cell phone.

So what kind of cell phones do you take for a trade-in?

Select iPhone and Android Mobile phones are compatible phones and are eligible for trade-in.

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What information do I need to know and provide to H2O when trading in my cell phone?

You will need to know and provide your cell phone ID, also known as its IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number.

 To find your cell phone’s imei number:

On iPhone:

Go to Settings, then tap General, then tap About. The number will either appear immediately or you’ll have to scroll down a bit. It depends upon which model iPhone you have.

 On Android:

Go to Settings, then tap About, then tap Phone. The number will either appear immediately or you’ll have to scroll down a bit. It depends upon what phone you have.

What should I do to my cell phone before I send it off to Phobio?

Before your old cell phone leaves your hands, make sure you delete all your data. Text messages, emails, photos, other media, and apps should be backed up to storage for the sake of safety. Then go into Settings and restore all of them to the original factory settings.

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To do this on iPhone, visit How to Erase Your iPhone.

To do this on Android, visit How to Delete Everything from Any Android Phone.

 It is very important that activation lock (ie: Find My iPhone, Find My Device) is disabled before sending your cell phone to Phobio. If the activation lock is on when your cell phone is received, it will be deemed ineligible for trade in and will be returned you with no trade in value credited to your payment method. To disable your cell phone’s activation lock:

For Find My IPhone, follow these instructions

For Find My Device, Android: Open Settings. Tap Security and Location. Tap Find My Device. Tap Turn off Find My Device.

Besides the activation lock being on, is there anything else that could prevent my cell phone from being eligible for trade in?

Cell phones with signs of battery swelling are not eligible for trade-in. These can overheat and catch fire. Be aware that damaged, defective or recalled batteries are also forbidden for air transport.

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Now that you know how the H2O trade in program works, how to prepare your phone before mailing it, and the issues that could prevent you from receiving credit toward the purchase of a new cell phone, you probably have a few questions. Following are those we’re asked pretty frequently.

H2O Device Trade-In FAQs

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Can I track my trade-in?

After you complete a purchase with a trade-in, H2O will send you several emails regarding your trade. Each of these emails has a "Trade Status" button that links to a site that enables you to check on the status of your trade, including FedEx tracking information.

What if I didn’t receive a shipping kit or the one I got is incomplete?

Let us know immediately, and we’ll take care of it. We’ll get a new shipping kit sent to you, or we can email you a new shipping label. Simply contact H2O Customer Support at 877-497-1749.

What is the best way to ship my old device to Phobio?

The best and safest way to ship your old device to Phobio is through your local, staffed, Federal Express office. Please refrain from using a FedEx drop box as this can result in delays. When you bring your phone in its shipping kit to Federal Express, request a receipt for your records.

When can I expect to receive my trade in credit?

You will receive a credit towards the payment method you used to make your new device purchase within 5-7 business days after your cell phone has been received by Phobio and the inspection has been completed. If you have not received your credit within 7 business days of your trade payment confirmation, please contact H2O Customer Support at 877-497-1749.

What if I change my mind about trading my cell phone after I ship it?

Once a device ships, ownership transfers to Phobio per the Terms and Conditions.

Why was my trade-in offer revised?

Phobio inspects devices upon arrival to verify reported conditions. If the conditions are not verified, you will receive notification of the revision via email. At this point, you may accept the revised offer, or have the device returned to you at no cost.

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