Stay Connected on Your Tablet with H2O!
Post Date Mar 18, 2024

Stay Connected on Your Tablet with H2O!

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What's the point of having a tablet if you don't have the internet?

H2O Wireless is here to connect you with 5G** access! Introducing Data Plans for Tablets. Get a plan with the data you need online, for a fraction of the cost. You can watch cat videos on the internet with your friends and family any time you want, even when you're not connected to home WI-FI.

Happy African American couple watching something on an iPad.

Get connected

You're already on your tablet all the time. Why not get it online?

Pick a plan

We have options. Pick one that's right for you.

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No hidden fees

We don't charge you extra when you go over your plan. We don't charge you extra for our service. We don't charge you extra for anything at all.

Choose from our popular plans!

$10, gives you 30-days of 2GB high-speed data*

$20, gives you 30-days of 5GB high-speed data*

$30, gives you 30-days of 10GB high-speed data*

 *256Kbps after data reached. No hotspot tethering allowed. **5G Service: Requires a compatible 5G device. 5G service is not available everywhere.

H2O's got great tablet plans and so much more!

There are so many great reasons to switch to H2O Wireless. There's the great pricing. The super selection of phones. There's the international talk and text and the 5G+ network. Here are some more super reasons to make the switch!

$50/month unlimited talk, text, and data.

Unlock Unlimited Savings with H2O Wireless' Budget-Friendly Unlimited $50/mo Plan!

Awesome wireless doesn’t have to break your budget. At H2O Wireless, get unlimited 4G/5G data, talk, text, and 5GB hotspot for just $50/month ($45 with autopay!).


Unlimited talk & text

Unlimited International Text

Unlimited International Talk to 70 Countries

$5 International Talk Credit

$10 International Roaming Credit

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 Wallet-friendly multiline plans

Connect your family and friends to H2O Wireless, and get massive multi-line savings –
2 lines for $50 and 4 lines for $100.

H2O's wallet friendly multiline plans are your family’s best bet.

Get 2 lines of high-speed data for just $50 a month (regularly $75!) or 4 lines of high-speed data for just $100 a month (regularly $125!). That's an awesome price on a family plan. Save up to $240/year on your cell phone bill.

Each unlimited data plan comes 10 GB of LTE Data, 5GB Hotspot of 4G/5G data, Unlimited Data, Talk & Text, Unlimited International Talk to 70 countries, Unlimited International Text, $5 International Talk Credit and a $10 International Roaming Credit in Canada & Mexico.

Save on cellular for the whole family with H2O's prepaid plans on the nation’s most dependable 5G cellular network!

And, did we mention...normally this plan costs $30 per line. That’s a huge savings! Not only are you saving big, but you’re also getting 10GB and a 5GB hotspot of 4G/5G data on each line.

Now that’s a lot of G’s!

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More data and hotspot

Wherever you go, browse more, stream more, and connect more, with H2O Wireless cell phone plans!

Our monthly $20, $30, and $40 unlimited data plans deliver a substantial data boost at no additional cost, as well as expanded hotspot functionality and unlimited throttled data speed – enhanced from 128kbps to 256kbps.

Enjoy browsing, streaming and sharing without worrying about data limits and without paying more!

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Nationwide 5G+ coverage

H2O Wireless has you covered. With our nationwide 5G+ coverage on one of the largest and most reliable GSM Networks, you can stay connected any place, anywhere.

And eSIM!

eSIM allows you to switch to H2O Wireless instantly on select devices. No shipping physical SIM cards any longer, you can activate your account in minutes.

International access

Unlimited International Talk to 70 Countries

Including China, India & Mexico!

Unlimited International Text

Send emojis overseas with Unlimited International Texting to the world.

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International Talk Credit

Each unlimited plan comes with $1.50 or $5.00 of monthly international talk credit depending on your plan. Add credit with the International Talk Top Up.

International Roaming

Roam, talk, text and surf without surprises!

Enjoy worry-free roaming, talk, text and data freedom with H2O Wireless. Say goodbye to unexpected charges and Wi-Fi searches on your next journey!

Our plans work in Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, and selected global destinations, just like home!

Roam Worry-Free: Stay in control of your budget. No more unexpected roaming charges.

Travel with Confidence: Calls to the USA and local calls at your travel destination.

Data On-the-Go: Stay connected on the go with your plan’s data, no Wi-Fi needed.

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Plus, get incredible iPhone savings!

Save $250 on iPhone with the purchase of a $60 plan from H2O Wireless!

Save $250 on iPhone SE 3rd Gen 64GB. Yours for as low as $179 with the purchase of a $60/month plan from H2O.

iPhone SE

Your $60 a month plan from H2O Wireless includes:

Unlimited High-Speed Data

Unlimited talk & text

Unlimited International Talk (international calling) to 70 Countries

Unlimited International Text

$5 International Talk Credit

$20 International Roaming Credit

20 GB Mobile Hotspot

About the Apple iPhone SE 3rd Gen 64GB

Lightning-fast A15 Bionic chip and fast 5G. Big-time battery life and a superstar camera. Plus, the toughest glass in a smartphone and a Home button with secure Touch ID.


iPhone SE

With H2O Wireless there are ....

No contracts

No hidden fees

You can bring your own phone

And your phone number

It's easy to activate

And even easier to handle your bill with autopay! (Get 10% off your bill every month when you use it!)

Make the switch today to refreshingly, different H2O Wireless!

For just $20 a line ($18 with auto pay!), H2O Wirelessgives you great coverage, more than enough data, and unlimited international talk and unlimited international text (plus a $5 international talk credit), so you can make international calls to with family and friends around the globe and they can keep in touch with you!

You can even bring your current phone or upgrade to a new phone from H2O!

Have questions? You can reach customer service by calling 1-800-643-4926. You can even chat with a live customer service staff member online by visiting our contact page and clicking “Chat with an Agent” under “Live Chat.”