Harness the Power of 5G+ with H2O Wireless
Post Date Jan 2, 2023

Harness the Power of 5G+ with H2O Wireless

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There's lots of reasons to make the switch to H2O Wireless. For starters we're all about the young (and young at heart!) and we're fun. Yes, a wireless carrier can be fun, even if it's only by virtue of the fact that our budget-friendly plans leave you more to spend on having fun with your family and friends!

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And, when you've got cell service with H2O Wireless you've got...

International Roaming that lets you roam, surf, talk, and text without worry in 36 countries around the world, and

International Calling that gives you unlimited talk and text to 70 countries including China, India, and Mexico!

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Now, there's a new reason to count on the reliability of H2O...

Introducing 5G+!

With H2O’s 5G+ network, you get super-fast speeds, turbo-charged coverage, and unprecedented performance anywhere you go.

While we've always provided coverage on the nation's most dependable 5G network, that network has powered up to 5G+ and it's the perfect time to bring your phone (if you like!) and your number (if you'd like to do that, too!) to H2O Wireless!

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Game. Stream. Conference. With confidence.

Harness the power of 5G+ with H2O Wireless

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5G+ boasts enhanced speed and responsiveness, catering to the demands of resource-intensive applications and services, ranging from gaming and streaming to video conferencing.

As developers and creators continue to introduce cutting-edge online experiences, 5G+ ensures a nearly seamless user experience wherever you are.

Do more of what you like with the power of 5G+

Browsing the web? No worries. Gaming with the gang? Go for it. Doing a little research on Google? Get ready to find what you're looking for faster than ever before.

5G+ is a powerhouse the likes of which cell phones have never seen!

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3G, 4G, and 5G are all similar technologies, but 5G+ is where it's at

5G+ represents an advanced evolution beyond all the other G's, offering several key improvements:

Enhanced Speed: 5G+ delivers even faster data transfer rates compared to regular 5G, enabling quicker downloads, smoother streaming, and reduced latency for a more responsive user experience.

Lower Latency: The latency in 5G+ is further minimized, making it exceptionally responsive. This is particularly beneficial for applications that require real-time interactions, such as gaming and video conferencing.

Optimized Performance for Demanding Apps: 5G+ is designed to handle the most demanding applications and services, ensuring optimal performance for activities like gaming, streaming, and high-quality video conferencing.

Seamless Connectivity: With 5G+, users can experience a more consistent and seamless connectivity experience, enabling them to stay connected and enjoy high-performance applications without disruptions, even in diverse and challenging environments.

Advanced Infrastructure: 5G+ networks often involve upgraded infrastructure and technologies, including more advanced antennas and network optimization techniques, contributing to improved overall network reliability and efficiency.

Get 5G+ and get going for less with H2O Wireless!

Get 2 lines for just $50 or 4 lines for just $100, all on our 5G+ network.

If you've got four users or family members, our plans offer flexibility, state-of-the-art coverage, and easy activating. Bring your device or buy a new one from H2O's selection of iPhones and Androids.