Stay Connected with H2O's International Calling and Roaming!
Post Date Apr 25, 2024

Stay Connected with H2O's International Calling and Roaming!

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Going coast to coast with your crew, or maybe across the globe? Whatever your international plan is, H2O has you covered.

There’s no surprise charges and you can use your phone while traveling abroad just like you do at home!

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No matter where you roam, H2O keeps you connected on your cell phone farther, faster (with high-speed data!) and for less.

Whether you’re traveling the country or crisscrossing the globe, the only way to go is with H2O international plans.

About H2O Wireless' International Roaming Option

With H2O’s International Roaming, your phone works for international calls in dozens of countries around the world including Dominican Republic, Spain, Poland, Italy, Jamaica, Bahamas, and Japan.

No need for a physical sim card or a local sim card or download an app. Simply arrive at your destination and talk, text and use your unlimited data on your mobile device just like you do at home!

With H2O Wireless International Roaming plans, there’s no additional cost or surprise fees. Just freedom and awesome international coverage.

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Use your phone like you do at home, no matter where life takes you!

Here's how:

Call the United States Effortlessly: Make calls on your cell phone from any of the covered countries to the United States easily.

Complete Service Access: Enjoy the full range of H2O services, including Voice, unlimited texting, and Data usage, within these 36 countries and destinations including Canada and Mexico.

Simplified Dialing: Dialing international numbers works just like dialing from the USA, simplifying your trip and keeping you connected.

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About H2O’s International Roaming Top-Up

International Roaming Top-Up can be added at any time to any H2O monthly plan. If applicable, any International Roaming credit balance will be used prior to your International Roaming Top-Up balance being used.

If any International Roaming Top-Up balance remains unused at the end of a monthly plan cycle, it won’t be rolled over to the next monthly plan cycle – so plan that trip and use it up!

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Check out all the countries H2O Wireless keeps you effortlessly connected in!

Whether you're planning a trip to the Caribbean Isle of Anguilla for a family vacation filled with glass bottom boat rides and snorkeling, or Italy's Polignano a Mare, one of the most beautiful Apulian villages overlooking the Adriatic Sea and one of the most welcoming cities in the world, there's a destination for every international travel aficionado on this list.

So, make your plans, grab your mobile phone, and roam where you like with H2O Wireless's International Roaming!

About H2O Wireless' International Calling

Unlimited International Talk to 70 Countries

Enjoy unlimited calling to China, India, Mexico and more!

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Unlimited International Text

Send emojis overseas with unlimited international texting to the world. You know how everybody loves emojis-- they're practically what your mobile phone was made for!

International Talk Credit

Each unlimited plan comes with $1.50 or $5.00 of monthly international talk credit depending on your plan.

Need more? Add credit with International Talk Top Up. Simply log into your account and top up with $5, $10, 0r $20!

With H2O International Roaming and International Calling, a world of opportunity awaits!

For just $20 a line ($18 with auto pay!), H2O Wireless gives you great coverage, more than enough data, and unlimited international talk and unlimited international text (plus a $5 international talk credit), so you can make international calls to family and friends around the globe, and they can keep in touch with you!

You can even bring your current phone or upgrade to a new phone from H2O!

Have questions? You can reach customer service by calling 1-800-643-4926. You can even chat with a live customer service staff member online by visiting our contact page and clicking “Chat with an Agent” under “Live Chat.”

Make the switch today to refreshingly, different, wireless. H2O Wireless!