Buying in Bulk: Worth it or Not?
Post Date Aug 29, 2022

Buying in Bulk: Worth it or Not?

Is buying in bulk worth it?

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To buy in bulk, or not to buy in bulk? That is the question.

Millions of shoppers swear by buying bulk purchases and for good reason: it can be a terrific way to save on groceries and household items. Bulk purchases of large quantities of canned vegetables and soups, diapers, paper towels, toilet paper, etc., particularly when they’re on sale, can go a long way to saving money.

But bulk buying at a warehouse club or clubs like Sam's Club or warehouse stores also means paying a lot up front. It also means you need the space to store all the items you purchased which for lots of people is an issue. You may have gotten a great deal on all those bulk quantities of napkins, but if you’re forced to store them in your bedroom closet (or under your bed!) well, that might be a problem.

Let’s spend some time now reviewing best practices for buying in bulk and look at the positives and negatives involved.

Bulk Buying Positives and Negatives

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Bulk Buying Positive: It’s pretty common knowledge that bulk buying is better for the environment. There’s less packaging involved in, for example, jumbo size packages of paper towel rolls. They’re still wrapped in plastic, but it’s a lot less plastic than buying several individual rolls or smaller packages. The same applies to things like fabric softener. Buy a few smaller containers, and the earth has a lot more work ahead of it. Buy one jumbo size container and a) you get more of the product and b) the earth has only one plastic jug to deal with.

Bulk Buying Negative: As we mentioned earlier in this post, when you buy in bulk you need the storage space to house all you’ve purchased which can be pretty hard to come by if you live in an apartment or even a small house. Before you spend money you set out to save, make sure you’re not costing yourself space you or your family members can’t afford to give up.

Bulk Buying Positive: You won’t have to go to the store as frequently. You might even make a shopping trip just once a month or once every six weeks. Goodbye impulse purchases and spending as much money on gas, and hello to more time. That’s a pretty nice trade.

Bulk Buying Negative: Consider the shelf life and expiration dates of the things you plan to buy in bulk. If you’re not sure you’ll go through all the breadcrumbs or peanut butter or packages of Jell-O you’ve stocked up by the expiration date, or by the “best used by” date, don’t stock up. You’ll simply be wasting your money.

Bulk Buying Positive: When you stock up on a particular item or items, it’s almost always less expensive. That’s the main reason consumers buy in bulk. It’s simply less expensive per unit and every time you use the product purchased, you save money.  If you use the peanut butter your kids love every day, even if it only saves you, say 15 cents per use, that’s still a savings of $54.75 over the course of a year.

Bulk Buying Negative:  As we said earlier in this post, buying in bulk is an upfront expense. You go into the store, and you buy it all right then and there. There’s no spreading upfront cost of the purchases out over the course of several shopping trips and, while you might save big time buying a lot of your family’s favorite brand of toothpaste, if it costs you $45 now as opposed to $6 spread out over the course of separate trips to the store, that can be a pain in your pocketbook.

Bulk Buying Positive: You’ve got enough of whatever product you’ve purchased on hand, so you don’t run out. Like we said previously, this bulk purchase also results in fewer trips to the store and less opportunity for those impulse purchases (the new issue of Real Simple Magazine, anyone? How about a new tube of lip gloss?) we’re all pretty tempted to make.

Bulk Buying Negative: You might dip into your supply of that fabric softener or peanut butter too often. You might say, “I bought so much toothpaste, who cares if the kids haven’t squeezed every ounce out of the tube they’re working on now? We have more!” Not a good idea. Act like you do not have a closet full of plastic wrap, canned food, paper plates, snack foods, whatever. If not, you’ll almost certainly race right through it.

Bulk Buying Positive:  You’re prepared for the worst. If, Heaven forbid, you’re forced to go without power for several days, all that bottled water you bought will come in handy. Not to mention the peanut butter, energy bars, and dried fruit.

Bulk Buying Negative:  Boredom. All that canned tuna and salmon you stocked up on in bulk means you’re eating canned tuna and salmon rather frequently. It can get a bit boring, especially for kids. Be aware that even if you’ve stocked up on an item your whole family loves, they can lose their taste for it… and then you’re stuck. Of course you could broker a trade with a friend who also enjoys buying in bulk—some of your peanut butter for some of her or his dried fruit – and that would provide both families with some variety!

So, what are the best items to buy in bulk?

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Dry beans, canned goods, diapers, toiletries, beverages that can be stored at room temperature, and large quantity of household and cleaning supplies, i.e. paper towels, toilet paper, bleach, laundry detergent, etc.

And what items are important to stockpile in case of an emergency?

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Peanut butter; nuts and trail mixes; cereal in small packages as they stay fresh longer; granola bars and power bars; dried fruits like apricots and raisins; canned tuna, salmon, chicken, or turkey; canned vegetables; canned soups and chili; dry pasta and pasta sauces; bottled water; sports drinks like Gatorade and Powerade; salt, pepper, and sugar; powdered milk.

What items should you not buy in bulk?

Milk, eggs, meat (unless you plan to freeze it, the same thing with chicken), fresh produce, coffee beans, and junk food because, well, it’s junk food.

More super reasons to buy in bulk

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Transporting bulk products is more efficient and better for the environment

Bulk products have fewer packaging components so there’s less waste to go into our already overflowing landfills, and they can be packed more tightly onto a truck than individually packed bulk items. Because more can fit on a truck, fewer trucks need to be used. This cuts down on emissions that are harmful to the environment.

It helps you get into a “sustainable” frame of mind

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Buying in bulk helps make you aware of how much food waste goes on and how much packaging is being used in everyday products. In short, it makes you more mindful of shopping conscientiously and that’s good for your health, the health of your family, and the health of the planet.  

In short, if you’ve got the storage space and the means to buy food stuffs and household items in bulk, it really is a great way to save a good deal of money in the long run. And did you know you that you can do the same thing with your cell phone plan? You can.

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