Take holiday pictures like a pro

Follow these 6 terrific tips!

You can take great holiday photos with your smartphone by following a few simple steps. Never again will you cut off the top of people’s heads or leave family members out of focus. Seriously. Follow these tips and you’ll have holiday photos worthy of posting and printing!

1. Balance your shot by using gridlines.

When you turn on your phone’s gridlines, it superimposes a series of lines on the screen of your camera. If you place your subject – your grandchild opening a present Christmas morning, for instance – along the lines, your photo will be more level and balanced.

To turn the gridlines on:

  • On iPhone: Go to "Settings," select "Photos & Camera," and switch "Grid" on.
  • On Android: Launch the camera app, go to "Settings," scroll down and switch the "gridlines" option to "on."

2. Determine where you want your camera to focus.

Your phone camera is automatically set to focus on the foreground of your frame, but if the image in the foreground isn’t what you want to focus on, you can adjust that.

To do so: Open your camera app and tap the screen where you want the focus to be. For example: In the foreground, your husband is eating a piece of pie. But what you want to focus on is your son photobombing him in the background. Tap your son’s face. A square or circular icon will appear on your camera screen. When it does, snap the photo.

3. Steady your camera.

Blurry photos are the worst, so you need to really steady yourself and your camera before shooting.

To do so: Lean on a friend or family member or lean against a wall to prevent your hands from wobbling. You can even prop your phone up using a phone stand or books.

4. Zooming in is not the answer.

It’s tempting to zoom in on something you really want to capture, but it’s not the best way to go. Why? Because when you zoom in, the result is typically a grainy, blurry, or pixelated photo. Instead, get closer to your subject physically. That way, you won't impact the quality of the photo and it will be easier later to crop it or somehow manipulate it as you’ll be working with a larger image.

5. Clean your smartphone’s camera lens

Ever take a photo and then wonder what all those tiny specks are on it? They’re dust and particles that have collected on the lens of your phone’s camera. Our phones live in our pockets, bags, and backpacks, and consequently, all manner of debris collect on the camera lens. Cleaning it with a soft cloth before you start shooting will go a long way toward improving the quality of your pictures.

6. Shoot in natural light, aka the outdoors

Smartphones don’t take their best photos indoors. Obviously, you can get great shots around the dinner table, in front of a fireplace, etc., but if you can get outside to take photos, do so. Natural lighting is best for taking photos with your smartphone. It not only helps capture the subject better, but it also imparts mood and atmosphere which create a more well-rounded result.

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What is the Refer a Friend Program?

Refer a Friend is the H2O® Wireless referral program in which you and a friend get $20 of H2O points for each activated referral.

When are H2O points applied to my account?

When the person referred activates their H2O Wireless service your rewards points will be applied. Please note: For Port-Ins, points will be received within 1-5 business days.

Do I get referral points if I just tell a friend about H2O?

No. They need to use your referral link.

How many people can I refer?

You can refer up to 10 people per month, which is a total of 120 referrals per year, for thousands of dollars’ worth of reward points. So many rewards points they might pay for your H2O service!

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Is my phone eSIM compatible?

eSIM compatible phone models include:

  • iPhone XS series
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone 11 series
  • iPhone SE 2nd gen
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Posted 2 months ago